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Guest Blog from Robert J. R. Graham

Robert J.R. Graham is the author of Seventh Journey, a sci-fi techno thriller. He and I have traded questions about our books. Here are the questions I gave Robert and his answers.Seventhjourneycover2

1. You have stated that you feel we are entering a new dimension when we dream. How do you think future technology improvements are going to affect our ability to “dimensional travel” in dream land?

My novel Seventh Journey discusses the possibility of advancements in technologies known as “binaural beats.”  These are tones and sounds, vibrating at different frequencies for the purpose of “entrancing” the brain into various states of consciousness.  It works by sending sounds in one ear that vibrates at a particular frequency, while another frequency vibrates in your other ear.  The difference in frequency causes your brain to resonate at a particular rate somewhere in the middle.  This causes the person experiencing this effect to slip into different conscious “modes.”

I took the premise of this binaural beat technology (which was used in government research) and asked… what if a huge breakthrough were made?  Breakthroughs in technology happen all the time, CPU’s double in speed almost every couple of years, so why not a huge leap forward with binaural technology?  In Seventh Journey, I answer that question.

In book 1, the binaural technology is combined with sonic sound waves, which direct sound like a laser beam directly into the brain.  This causes vibrations at extremely high frequencies, which evolve Jacob’s brain.  As he finds out, it unlocks some very advanced abilities as well.

One of these advanced abilities enables Jacob Cross to travel inter-dimensionally.  At first, Jacob denies that this even occurs, but eventually he realizes that by using the “Auditum” headset… he can actually travel to different dimensions.


2. Do you think there are other beings inhabiting the dream dimensions?

Do they affect humanity?

I think that if we were to ever prove the existence of other dimensions they would most likely be inhabited.  These dimensions might even be accessible via the dream state, which is what I suggest in my books.  In the first book in my series, I suggest that not only do these creatures have an effect on humanity, they have been manipulating us for a very long time.   This is brought to light through creation of the “Auditum” technology, created by Jacob Cross, the hero of Seventh Journey.


3. What do you think distinguishes normal from paranormal? Where do you draw the line between them?

A “normal” event in this context would probably mean anything easily explained by science.  Paranormal on the other hand, are events not yet explained by science.  A belief in the paranormal means you essentially believe things which have not yet been proven.  This does not mean that science has disproved paranormal activity, it only means that sufficient testing has not yet occurred.

Many events are considered paranormal, including UFO or alien sightings.  These paranormal events have happened to many people over many years, but again, not easily proven by science (yet).   Unfortunately the term paranormal has received many negative connotations over the years, through popular media and movies.  This has allowed many to dismiss these occurrences like tales around a camp fire, not giving them the attention they may deserve.

An example of this would be the belief that telepathy exists.  Although telepathy remains unproven by science, most people have had some kind of telepathic or precognitive experience in their lives.  This is usually described as a sense of knowing the intentions of those around you in the current moment, or those to follow.  Sometimes even down to the exact thoughts in their head at the time.  Others have reported awareness of their loved ones emotions or hardships, even over great distances, which is particularly prevalent with twins.

My series Seventh Journey features many events not yet proven by science as Jacob Cross explores the various abilities caused by the “Auditum” headset.  Using Auditum, I’ve touched on a number of paranormal powers, such as remote viewing, telepathy, and even astral projection.  I focused on these primarily because they are the most fascinating, and were also the focus of several government projects, as I’ve mentioned in my book.


4. If paranormal abilities can be considered a tool, are there people using paranormal tools in their everyday life? How are these people using paranormal “powers” to make their lives better?

After having researched these topics for a number of years, I prefer not to label paranormal events at all anymore.  Instead I put it all under the umbrella of “knowing.”  This sense of knowing can come in the form of knowing someone’s thoughts ahead of time, events before they unfold, or future emotional responses from people… visions, etc.   Essentially the details of some event potentially transpiring is brought to our attention and experienced by our consciousness.

As it occurs we’re forced to deal with it in the moment, which at times may look like a person is “pausing” in mid-sentence… when in reality they are receiving information.  The mechanism of how this works could be chalked up to mysterious “psychic powers,” but I prefer the theory that this information is the computations of the subconscious mind (or some aspect of it), working in our best interests.  Either way, it’s a phenomenon which is experienced by many, usually as a sense of pre-cognition, or knowing before something occurs, and if used properly… it might even save you some grief.


5. You’ve done a lot with martial arts. What are some of the surprise uses of mastering martial arts? Some ways of using what you’ve mastered where you think, “Hey! I can do that with it, too!” but you didn’t anticipate that use when you were just starting out.

Well physically I’ve found it very helpful for keeping in shape as I certainly work up a good sweat.  I’ve also found that the concentration, focus, and disciplined movements have sharpened my mind and body, helping me in a variety of ways over the years.

It also helped add some really dynamic scenes to my book.  I’ve always appreciated martial arts, even before I began training, so that’s why I’ve added a combative story element.  It certainly made for a more action packed book trailer for Seventh Journey! RobertColor21


6. What do you feel makes 7th Journey a distinctive story?

What sets Seventh Journey apart is the use of Sound Wave technology to tear a hole into another dimension.  Jacob Cross slips into this other world, and must pass their tests before the impending doom pours into his reality.

In Seventh Journey, the concepts and worlds experienced by Jacob are alive and vibrant, as they dynamically shift and respond to the thoughts of its inhabitants.  I don’t want to give too much away, so you’ll have to read the book to find it to out what happens.
7. What elements or events in your real life inspired this story?

Certain dreams left me in a state of wonder growing up, which caused me to seek some answers.  The insatiable yearning to know spurred years of research, personal growth, and peppered with several interesting experiences.  I’ve used these experiences to help fashion the dream world in Seventh Journey, along with many of the characters in book 1.

I’m often asked if I create characters based on anyone I know.  The answer is yes I do.  I think every author does, because we write what we know.  So when I create a character I start by understanding the role that character is going to play.  How is he helping the plot along?  What challenges does she have?  Is he funny, angry, balanced?  Who does she remind me of?  And from there, I begin to build their personality, and the dialogue just flows.

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